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QAU’s Study Trip to Karachi By Mustansar Klasra

Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad is considered to be the premier seat of learning in Pakistan. QAU has consistently been ranked the top university in the country by the Higher Education Commission. In addition, according to U.S. News and World Report, QAU is the only academic institution in Pakistan among the top 500 (465th) universities in the world. It has so many departments under the faculties of Natural, Biological, Social and Medicine (Affiliated) and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Its faculty members have received numerous awards, both nationally and internationally for their excellence in teaching and research.

Many of its students have gone on to highly productive careers in academia, as well as governmental and international organizations. Unlike many research universities, QAU views quality teaching and research as a pivotal part of its commitment to students. Faculty members are readily available, and are often found working in the late evenings in their offices or laboratories. Nestled in the backdrop of the Margalla Hills, its seventeen hundred acre campus provides a serene environment for the students and researchers.

The Department of Defence & Strategic Studies (DSS) was established in September 1980, with the dual aim of sponsoring academic studies in the field of strategic studies and promoting a culture of research amongst a mix of military and civilian students who are trained in critical discourse development and policy analyses.

Since its establishment, the DSS has made a significant contribution in the development of a community of experts equipped with requisite academic knowledge and analytical ability to evaluate national, regional and international strategic environment, policies and security dynamics.

Over the years, the Department has awarded M.Sc. degrees to more than 1000 civilians and around 150 officers of the Armed forces. The graduates have produced well-researched and original M.Sc. Theses and Seminar Papers. The master’s level research has been written on wide-ranging subjects in the field of defence, strategic and security studies, with a vast majority of the theses dealing with policy-oriented issues of contemporary strategic importance. Since 1998, the Department has been running an M.Phil programme and produced one hundred and ten M. Phil scholars. In 2005, the Department also initiated Doctoral programme and produced 5 PhDs and 5 are completing their degrees by the end of the ongoing year. During the course of their studies, students regularly interact through seminars, workshops, lectures and conferences organized by the department, or other research institutions. The students also undertake study tours to various institutions, leading research organizations, think tanks and higher defence organizations, such as the NHQ, AHQ, HIT, POF-Wah, JSHQ as well as to the SPD for briefings and learning.

Recently, DSS Department arranged a study tour for its students to Karachi under the supervision of Head DSS Department Dr. Nasrullah Mirza accompanying four  faculty members: Ms. Salma Malik, Dr. Saira Aquil, Ms. Sadia Tasleem and Mr. Naveed Qaiser. A Special Aircraft of Pakistan Air force C-130 was arranged for airlifting of 35 students and faculty members.

Delegation of DSS department landed at PAF Base Masroor where they were warmly received by officials of Pakistan Air Force. It was a three days trip where students were engaged in so many pre-planned activities which are very difficult to explain in few lines, However highlights of the activities are given below…

Students witnessed the Landing and Take Off of the fighter Air Crafts of PAF that was specially arranged by Pakistan Air Force.

Students also visited PAF History Museum at PAF Base Masroor.

A demonstration was given to the Delegation regarding Mirages and JF-17 Thunder.

Students also interacted with the Officers and Pilots of PAF where they asked questions regarding working environment of Pakistan Air Force to these Officers.

PAF Officials also arranged a Movie Night for the recreation of Delegation at a Miniplex.After completing their hectic schedule with Pakistan Air Force, The delegation of Department of Defence and Strategic Studies was received by Officials of Pakistan Navy. The highlights of activities of delegation with Pakistan Navy are given below.

Students were taken to the Sea view.

A special briefing Session was held at PNS Rahbar, Pakistan Naval Academy where students were told about the training techniques and working environment for the officer cadets of Pakistan Navy.

Delegation was taken to the Naval Dockyard and where they witnessed the working environment, war-fighting potentials of ships and destroyers and they were briefed about the war-fighting plans and procedures while boarding on the ship.

Pakistan Navy also arranged a special Lunch for the Delegation on its ship Shahjehan.

Students and faculty was also briefed about the working of Joint Maritime Information and Coordination Centre, the nerve centre of information and planning for Maritime security of Pakistan.

Visit of Pakistan Maritime Security Museum was also one of the significant events arranged by Pakistan Navy where students witnessed the maritime history preserved by Pakistan Navy.

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