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Dr. Bashir A Malik: A Genuine Homeopath Healer Dr. Maryam Tarar

My first interaction with “Homeopathy” was at the time when I was unable to find a remedy for a condition that I had developed as a result of returning to Pakistan after living for ten years in the UK. A strange situation it was; the moment I would step out of a warm bed in the morning, I would start sneezing uncontrollably. After consuming allopathic anti-allergic medication for months without any improvement, I self-diagnosed it, as some kind of intolerance to cold air or a sudden temperature change, which apparently had no remedy in allopathy. Around this time, serendipitously, I was introduced by a close friend to a gentleman who was an engineer by profession but had settled for practicing homeopathy as a side business.  It was after consuming homeopathic medications of different kinds prescribed by him and finally settling for those that made a difference in my condition that my perception of “Homeopathy” finally changed. It was after his death that I longed for an interaction with another genuine homeopathic physician. I am using the term “genuine” here, which in allopathic language means that one is referring to a homeopathic doctor who does not use hidden steroids in formulations. There is a belief in our allopathic community that homeopathic physicians do use steroids.

It was ten years ago, that my search to find a genuine homeopathic physician finally came to an end when I met Dr Bashir A Malik. Getting an urgent appointment with him was never easy but he always accommodated me in his tight patient appointment schedule or during his tea break.Whenever I entered his small office cubicle, I would always hear him say “So, Dr Maryam, where are we?” This would set off a conversation between us discussing variable symptoms then locking horns on different scientific and biochemical concepts, different drugs, their interactions and mechanism of action etc. “How does a homeopathic formulation really work?” would be my question to him occasionally. Dr. Malik would then draw out a book from his impressive collection, spread it out in front of me and ask me to express my uninhibited views after critically reading some paragraphs, while he would be preparing my medication for next few days. Sometimes, it would be a book written by James Watson “DNA – The secret of life”, or Plonsey& Barr’s “Bioelectricity – A quantitative approach”or “Essentials of stem cell biology” authored by Lanza&Atala. Then one day, while I was reading a paragraph from “Molecular biology of the gene” by J.D.Watson, Dr Malik expressed his desire to write a book with an elusive title “Quantum mechanics of homeopathy”. I didn’t understand what he really meant. From behind my reading glasses, I looked up at him and knew that this was definitely the beginning of another chapter in his life. I wondered at the time – would he be able to finish this “dream” book? It was three years later, that his book entitled “Quantum Mechanics of Homeopathy – Homeopathic Medicine, a depiction of Quantum Pharmacology”. It was an immense pleasure and an honour for me to have been able to write a book review for it.

As I reminisce, I wish to narrate two incidents that completely changed my perception of homeopathy. The first one was when I had an attack of migraine, during fasting.  I just presumed that I would have to break my fast for consuming the medication. But, on the contrary, Dr. Malik just opened the medicine bottle and handed it to me to inhale the vapor. In less than a minute, the nausea settled and the severe headache of migraine was gone. The second incident related to my mother in law, who had been diagnosed with cancer of the gall bladder back in 2014. The last three months of her life when we expected her to suffer from pain and other complications of terminal cancer, she remained pain free until the last day of her life. While I would put a tablet under her tongue, she would always say to me “May Allah grant long life to Dr Bashir” – She had never met him!

It was during my last meeting with Dr. Malik that he handed me another of his favourite books “Treatise of dynamised Micro-Immunotherapy” by O.A Julian, to read through. Before he could speak, I knew that his next book would be in my hands soon.  I pray for his healthy and long life and hope that he will be able to put together his thoughts and share his vast clinical knowledge with homeopathic and allopathic doctors alike.

Writer is a Professor of Pathology, Shalamar Medical & Dental College, Lahore

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