Kashmir Solidarity Day Observed
February 1, 2017
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May 2, 2017

Editorial: The World Should Intervene to Resolve Kashmir Issue

Pakistanis have been observing February 5 as the Kashmir Solidarity Day to reiterate solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This day is observed to convey a message to the world that Pakistan would not step back an inch from its stated position on the issue. There are lessons for Pakistan to keep the Kashmir dispute alive internally, inside the country, and externally, on the global stage The Kashmir Solidarity Day is a national holiday, marked to show to the Kashmiris and the world at large that Pakistan and its people have not forgotten the long-pending issue. India terms it a bilateral dispute and avoids internationalizing the issue.

Right from 1990, India says Kashmir is an issue of cross-border terrorism. The Kashmir issue remains an international dispute today. The day reminds the Kashmiris that Pakistan has not left them at the mercy of circumstances. Thus talks with India have to be on equal terms without giving unilateral concessions to New Delhi This day is to remind that India will never be able to bury the Kashmir dispute. Whatever the rulers and policymakers in the region choose to do or not do, oppressed people everywhere share a common bond the quest for dignity, basic rights and self-determination are fundamental to human existence.

The state of India has long been in denial of core human values in IHK, but its denial cannot go on forever the rightful and intrinsically just demands of the people of IHK will ultimately prevail. India’s stubborn refusal to engage with Pakistan on the Kashmir dispute under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a policy doomed to failure. For parochial, domestic reasons, Mr Modi may be in denial of the centrality of the Kashmir dispute to the normalisation of ties between the two countries, but that cannot undo the legal and moral basis of Pakistan’s demand for a fair and just solution to the Kashmir dispute.

Failing to secure the requisite seats in Jammu Kashmir elections, Modi launched a fresh reign of terror in IOK. On July 8, 2016, popular young Kashmiri leader Burhan Wani was brutally gunned down. When Kashmiri youth came out in the streets to mourn their slain leader and protest against the politically motivated assassination, hundreds of young boys have been martyred while thousands have been blinded because the India law enforcing agencies have resorted to the use of pellet guns on their faces.

To browbeat Pakistan, India has tried to paint Pakistan as a sponsor of terrorism and has moved numerous motions in the UN and other international forums and has refused to accept Pakistan’s numerous invitations for peace talks. India boycotted the Commonwealth Speakers’ Summit, being hosted by Pakistan, on the plea that the Speaker of the IOK Legislative Assembly was not extended an invitation. Pakistan had taken a principled stand, since IOK is under illegal Indian occupation and part of a disputed territory and unfinished agenda of the 1947 Partition of Indian Subcontinent. Pakistan,s policy makers should take up issue of Kashmir on all forums.

Pakistan has found new ally like Russia. China was also supporting Pakistan and blocked all moves by India on international forums to declare Pakistan as state of sponsoring terrorism. Pakistan has been front ally of United States (US) in fight against terrorism but its response has been very slow on resolution of Indian held Kashmir. It is the best time to mobilize China and Russia on international fronts to resolve issue of Kashmir.

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