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February 1, 2017
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February 1, 2017

Kashmir Issue Should be Resolved First; Bhandara by Kaswar Klasra

Isphanyar M. Bhandara, Member National Assembly and CEO Murree Brewry urges government to enahnce funds’ allocation for minorities and jobs for non. Muslim in non Muslim related projects. He terms CPEC a political death of all political parties in upcoming election.

Q1.Do you think that funds allocated for minorities in Pakistan are enough to address their issues?

We need more funds which are available for minorities. We hope that our PML-N government has sympathy and feel pains and agony of the minorities. We feel that our government will increase the existing level of funds’ allocation for minorities to address their problems. Like every parliamentarian, if we ask about funds’ allocation, he will say that funds were not sufficient for development projects. The funds are not available according to population of minorities and they should be enhanced.

Q2.Are you satisfied with the seats allocation for minorities in parliament?

The government wants to build its soft image of Pakistan .The last census was held in 1998 and therefore, the exact population of country is not figured out. There was no idea whether population of non- Muslims had increased or not. Migration of population had happened and if it has reduced, seats in parliament can be reduced from ten to nine or eight. The population census will determine whether seats in parliament are reduced from ten to nine or eight or increased.

Q.3 How do you see the job employment for minorities in government offices?

I condemned statement given on PTI regarding jobs of minorities. Two universities for minorities were being established one in Baba guru nanak and other in Gandhara Texila. As many as 90 per cent non- Muslims should be given jobs in the non- Muslims related projects. In this way job would be created for them. If we ask them to work in Gadas it will be honours for Hindus to work there due to sacred place. In non- Muslims projects, Muslims should not be given jobs. In ginga ram hospital is named on Hindu and we may hardly find one or two Hindus working there. Majority of non- Muslims should be employed in such project. We did not go there to inaugurate, we went there to inaugurate water plant and see zoo. Purpose is not Khitas raj, the message is that PNL-N government is taking more interest than PPP in minority and Nawaz Sharif went either attended ceremony of minority or send messages to them on their events. He went to Karachi to attend our ceremony. In this way, the image of the country would become better and realization of deprivation in minorities would be minimized.

Q4.How is your view on trade liberalization with India?

We have some issues with India and major issues should be addressed first and trade talks should not take place unless these issues are resolved. There was 5th February to celebrate Kashmir day. We have to resolve Kashmir issue, water issue and sir creek issue. India should remove their forces from border and they should give message that they did not intend to fight. If India is ready to do all this and after this, if India wants to become part of CPEC, it should become part of us. India intends to become part of CPEC due to Afghanistan because it wanted to supply its goods to Afghanistan. We are in between these two countries. We cannot feed it if it has a blade in his hand. Everyone is looking at impact of CPEC. Even enemy of Pakistan and opposition political parties are looking at its impacts. All political parties like PPP, PTI and JUI are aware of its impact and it is a political death of these parties. There is work going on electricity and road projects under CPEC. It is successful project. Political parties are feeling problem in next 2018 election due to CPEC. The government has brought huge investments in the country through CPEC. IT has advantages and no negative impact. CPEC is a successful story for Pakistan.

Q5? Do you feel that environment of doing business has improved during the regime of present government.

I would like to criticize Punjab government as it has big interference in business. We feel PML-N as pro business government. But the decisions which bureaucrats and politicians are taking they are not fully aware of business. They are harassing industry through different departments. The industry like beverages or taxi business, mobile cabs and other different businesses are being harassed. When local businessmen would not be happy there will be no business. I would appreciate Sindh government due to lack of interference in businesses. I feel there is interference in Punjab as Punjab government and bureaucrats put their noses in all businesses. It may be issue of corruption or not. But government should not play its role in business and rather it should facilitate. Its role is to build dams and install electricity poles. It is role of government to involve in industries like sugar and beverages. Different taxes are imposed and industry is shut down on the name of quality. They are not arresting those involved in manufacturing fake products and tax evasion. But they are harassing a industry which is paying tax and giving employment. They are themselves judges and lawyers. They do not tighten nose around such people which are involved in manufacturing fake products and tax evasion. The big industry is in running position due to quality products and government officers are given more powers to impose on use. They misuse the powers to harass the industry and this practice should be stopped.

Q6.Have you any plan to expand business?

We have been introducing new products and employing 100 to 150 people every year. We are installing more machines after every six months to give employment to more people.

Q7. What is your take on amendment in blasphemy law?

Blasphemy law is good and prophet should be respected. Any prophet should not be disgraced. All people in any religion including Muslims, Parsees, Hindus and Christian should be respected. Minorities are in favour of Blasphemy law but they become victims due to personal scores following disputes of property etc. It is used in personal scores. But minorities in Pakistan are descent people. Its misuse should be discouraged.

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