US bio threat looms for Pakistan
December 11, 2018

Pakistan should not count on US

United States of America (USA) will go on to press Pakistan under its new strategy on South Asia and Afghanistan. And continued negative remark of American official people towards Islamabad is a proof of it. Good example is statement of Trump in twitter where he said that Pakistan gave a shelter for Taliban and did not deserve American help in this regard.

Expert said that Washington reduce its assistance from 2010 to 2017 on 60 per cent and now blocked US$225 million as tranche. In this regard, Pakistan cannot count on US as strategic partner in the region. Now for Pakistan it is very important to strength cooperation this other players such as China, Russia and Iran. Activate Pakistan work in SCO as well.

Moreover, Pakistan has lot of retaliatory measures towards USA such as block of NATO Land and air routes to Afghanistan through Pakistani territory to stop cooperation in nuclear security, to stop using Pakistan communication lines.

On January 4, 2018 the United States announced the suspension of around all security-related assistance to Pakistan until Islamabad could prove its commitment to fighting terrorism and cut its ties with militant groups such as the Taliban. This decision came just days after U.S. President Donald Trump had accused Pakistan, on Twitter, of giving “safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan.” Pakistani leaders responded with a familiar refrain, claiming to have moved against all militant groups without distinction and pointing to the enormous costs in terms of money (over $120 billion) and lives (nearly 80,000 civilian and military dead) sustained by Pakistan in the fight against terrorism since 2001.

For Trump, it may feel good to vent his frustrations about Pakistan, especially now that his administration is desperate to salvage something from the United States’ prolonged and losing conflict in Afghanistan.

Acting Deputy Secretary of State Henry Ensher said the US would continue to apply pressure to Pakistan until Islamabad changed its policy towards regional peace and stability in Afghanistan.

“There is truth to the idea that we are applying pressure to Pakistan, and it is an important component of our policy,” said Mr Ensher while speaking at a seminar organised by a think-tank called Indus at the Wilson Centre, Washington.

The US official said the pressure “should not disguise the fact that we genuinely believe that a shift in Pakistani policy in line with our strategy, the South Asia Strategy, is very much in Pakistan’s own interest as well”.  Ensher argued that the status quo in Afghanistan did not serve Pakistan’s interest, as groups such as the ISIS posed a threat to both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The second most serious concern for US policy makers, according to him, is Pakistan’s strategic weapons. He said the Trump administration had expressed its concern about Pakistan’s development of long- and short-range missile launch capabilities and its growing nuclear stockpile.

Now like Iran, US has started putting pressure on Pakistan regarding weapons.US had adventured in Iraq following pretext of weapons.US imposed sanctions on Iran accusing to keep nuclear arms. Now, US had started building pressure on Pakistan expressing concerns to have long- and short-range missile launch capabilities and its growing nuclear stockpile.  

U.S also wants to neutralize role of Pakistan in Afghanistan issues. India and U.S are involved in proxy war against Pakistan by using land of Afghanistan. The war torn country Afghanistan is third partner of India and US and they were giving abode to terrorists who were involved in terrorists attack in Pakistan. Kabul government was supporting those terrorists and this was major concern of Pakistan to root out terrorism in the region.

In such a situation, Pakistan should use its options to have new allies like China and Russia. These countries have active platform of SCO which could resolve the issues of region in future. The presence of major powers like Russia and China in Pakistan would stop other country like US to take any adventure against Pakistan.

Moreover, U.S pours money into countries for war purposes. Its companies involve in spreading arms in the world. These companies are also behind arms race and they involve in wars and they enter into arms deals worth billions of dollars. U.S also poured money into Pakistan to seek its objectives of war in Afghanistan. However, China is investing in Pakistan to implement different development projects which would result in development and prosperity of the people. They would create jobs and result in alleviating poverty. Russia also wants to invest money in different energy projects in Pakistan. This will also result in creating jobs and ending poverty. So, our preference should be development.


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