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July 22, 2018
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SCO: A Trump Card for Regional Peace Z. Khan

One of the key regional problems which during 20 years has still broken the development in the South Asia on the whole and in Pakistan particularly is situation in Afghanistan. All implemented initiatives of USA and its allies have demonstrated full failure. Though humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and aggravating social and political crisis are evidence of it and the result of last report of The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) proved it as well.

In this report, which was made on demand of State Department mentioned that despite on huge finance, informative and propagandist, military assistance the security situation in Afghanistan has become worse. It is note able that after its publication in open sources this report was removed in some hours from free access.

Special Inspector Group on Afghan Reconstruction report showed that multi-billion American Investments in Afghan economy were spent uselessly and were not followed by any significant results so much expected by the international society and Afghan people. Despite the fact that in 2001-2015 US had put $113 billion into Afghan economy social economic situation in the county shows no signs of improvement and continues to worsen.

From total 44 projects sponsored by USA only 20 were completed and received by Afghan officials. SIGAR report mentions following problems. Illicit and unprofessional planning of the programs baseless including of the projects which had nothing to do with Afghan economy restoration for instance, Taliban reintegration support fund.

Low efficiency of anti-drugs projects worth ($7.6 billion were spent on them), huge amounts of money invested in construction of schools and hospitals were stolen by local officials who mostly gave the said projects to the companies of their relatives.

In a bid to achieve significant result in Afghani peace process, it is needed that all interested sides, first of all neighbor countries such as China, Pakistan, Russia and Central Asian States will participate in this process. The most suitable platform for today in this regard is the work of Afghanistan Contact Group of SCO. Islamabad which is the most concerned side in this regard should actively and closely work with such contact group and created under the sponsorship of SCO-the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure as well.

Moreover, it is better for Pakistan to be close the other initiatives of China and Russia especially which are planning for talks in SCO summit between the heads of States members. Moreover, this coming summit in June in Chinese city of Qingdao will be first for Pakistan and India as SCO full members and Islamabad in this regard has to show its constructive approach to work.

Experts said that one of the important achievements of China in SCO was the reinstatement of work of Afghanistan Contact Group of SCO. At the same time some Chinese experts pay attention to position of Pakistan where Islamabad think that it is too early to talk on terrorist issue on the platform of this group. But such Pakistani position will strain productive dialogue on security in South Asia and can create the negative reaction from strategic partner as China.

USA counts on Pakistan that Islamabad will force Taliban to join Afghan talks and be as a mediator in it. But in conditions when Taliban leaders do not want to have dialogue with pro-American government of Afghanistan all efforts are doomed to fail. In this failure Washington will blame for Pakistan. Experts say that USA by its activity in Afghanistan can trigger off Afghani crisis moving to Pakistan area. In this regard, it is very important for Pakistan to cooperate on Afghan issue which China, Russia, Iran and work under SCO structures to counter terrorism.

The emergence of ISIS in Afghanistan was a new threat to regional peace and stability. The member countries of SCO had huge responsibility to bring peace and stability in the region being neighboring countries of Afghanistan.

The experts and question how ISIS has emerged in Afghanistan despite presence of United States (US) forces deployed in Afghanistan. The emergence of ISIS in Afghanistan was a new threat to regional security, stability and peace. All neighboring countries including Pakistan and Central Asian States were concerned about its presence. The major concern of these countries was how ISIS elements deployed on borders of Iraq and Syria reached to Afghanistan.

This shows distrust by different neighboring countries about role of US in emergence of ISIS in Afghanistan. There have been reports that US had supported ISIS elements in Syria to oust Asad government.US was also supporting ISIS in Afghanistan to counter Afghan Taliban. This new strategy of US may lead to another war in Afghanistan which may reach to regional countries.

All countries like Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran including Central Asian states like Tajikistan were concerned about emergence of ISIS and had termed it a new threat for stability and security of the region. All adventures of US in Afghanistan and Middle East countries had resulted in new threats of Al-Qaeda and now ISIS. It did not bring peace stability and security and rather caused unrest in the entire world. In such scenario, the platform of SCO is the best option for all countries of the region to bring peace and stability. With new alliance with India and Afghanistan, Pakistan was facing problems and all terrorisms had safe heaven in Afghanistan and moved to Pakistan for suicide attacks. In such scenario, Pakistan and India were now members of SCO and this platform could offer best remedies to bring peace and stability in the region.

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